Rose Musk - Natural Botanical Perfume


Aromatherapy Blend: Heart Opening & Grounding

A beautifully romantic blend of five elegant roses from around the world to open and uplift the heart, wrapped in a sultry cloak of amber, sandalwood and cedar that anchors a feeling of groundedness.

Reviewed by EauMG

Crown Notes:
5 Roses: Moroccan
Turkish, Bulgarian
French & Rose de Mai

Heart Notes:
Ripe Berries
Honey Amber
Sweet Earth

 Root Notes:
Dark Amber

We make our natural artisan fragrance from pure essential oils and organic plant extracts, never anything synthetic. Experience all of our award winning botanical perfumes in this Sampler Set.

Ingredients: Essential Oils and Natural Resin in a base of Denatured Grain Alcohol. Vegan and 100% Natural

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