Moss Garden - Natural Botanical Perfume


Aromatherapy Blend: Calming & Centering

Moss Garden is a fresh, unisex aroma that helps restore one’s state of grace. Bordering on a cologne, its crisp, mossy base is balanced perfectly with cool botanicals, pops of uplifting citrus, muted florals and a hint of red pear

*Summer Scent pick by Seattle Met Magazine  *Reviewed by EauMG  *Reviewed by Cafleurebon

Crown Notes:
Yuzu Citrus
Red Pear Skin
Orange Blossom

 Heart Notes:
Mandarin Varietals
Orange Leaf
French Lavender

 Root Notes:
Creeping Moss
Violet Leaf
Green Vetiver

We make our natural artisan fragrance from 100% pure essential oils and organic plant extracts, never anything synthetic. Experience all of our award winning botanical perfumes in this Sampler Set.

Ingredients: Essential Oils and Plant Extracts in a base of Denatured Grain Alcohol. Vegan

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