About Pirouette

Pirouette was founded in 2009 by Karyn Gold-Reineke (Designer, Nose), a thought leader in the Northwest's professional community of Indie and Artisan Perfumers. After years of working in herbal apothecaries and doing healing work with clients, she combined her extensive backgrounds in aromatherapy, natural health to create this beautiful line of products. Karyn has received multiple awards for her bold and imaginative perfumes, gaining critical acclaim and recognition. It has taken years of working with essential oils to refine her scent palate and master the art of blending, and this level of craftsmanship is reflected in her creations.

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"I love working with scent because it’s such a powerful medium, it transcends time and space, it can shift energy, heal and is our strongest memory trigger. I enjoy creating innovative aromas that surprise and delight people and my products reflect my playfulness along with my love for nature, art and connecting to one’s spirit.

My biggest passion is helping people connect to the meaning and importance of pro-actively taking care of themselves and the powerful ritual of therapeutic aromas is such a wonderful way to do so."

-Karyn Gold-Reineke, Founder | Designer | Nose