Lilyana - Natural Perfume Gold


Aromatherapy Blend: Divine Communion
Chakras: Heart, Third Eye and Crown

Lilyana is a sophisticated aquatic floral with an exquisitely airy bouquet painted across a fresh, leafy-green landscape of tender earth notes. Its inspiration is a magical lily pond at dawn. Imagine its crystal blue water sparkling as the morning light softly filters through surrounding trees and lush plant life. A gentle breeze carries an uplifting current of ethereal blooms: white ginger lily, stargazer lily, pink lotus, carnation and tuberose. Soft grasses and woods rest gently rest below to form a safety net around you. A sense of peace and oneness with all that is unfolds. From this place of connectivity, soul guidance can be accessed, tapping into inspiration, expression and intuition. 

Stargazer Lily
White Ginger Lily

Pink Lotus
Reeds & Water
Tall Grass
Shiso Leaf

Gentle Woods
Lily Rhizomes
Violet Leaf

Perfume Gold is...The ultimate luxury in fine natural fragrance. These exquisite aromas are created from the most precious and rare botanicals gathered across the globe. Experience a scentsory journey to exotic destinations and magical landscapes that spark joy and inspiration. 

Ingredients: Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts in a base of Denatured Grain Alcohol. Vegan and 100% Natural

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