Mantra - Natural Perfume Gold


Aromatherapy Blend: Liberation
Chakras: Root, Sacral and Heart

Mantra sings with devotion, inviting a peaceful state of mind and sense of oneness with cosmic consciousness. Its the ultimate black amber, embodying an endlessly rich depth and sultry soul. Elegant spices and warm balsam resins are entwined in vast roots of sandalwood, vintage patchouli and rare mitti attar - which is specially extracted from the sacred, sun-baked earth of India.

Review by CaFleureBon

Crown Notes:
Darjeeling Tea

Heart Notes:
Golden Champa

Root Notes:
Mitti Attar
Vintage Patchouli

We make our natural artisan fragrance from pure essential oils and organic plant extracts, never anything synthetic. Perfume Gold is...The ultimate luxury in natural fragrance. These exquisite aromas are created exclusively from the most precious, rare and sought after botanicals on earth. Experience a scentsory journey to exotic destinations and magical landscapes that flourish with imagination.

Ingredients: Essential Oils in a base of Denatured Grain Alcohol. Vegan

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